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Tune in 19 April - 4pm (Eastern)

Tom Kemp to Guest on 19 April Show
Family Roots Radio
Family historians love libraries, in large part because they have so many records. Who better to discuss the effective use of libraries with than Tom Kemp, one of America's premier genealogical librarians.

Not only has Tom worked as a genealogical librarian in several libraries, he has served as the director for two major genealogy libraries in New England. He has also worked for two major library vendors, including his current position as NewsBank's Director of Genealogy Products. That will give us a chance to discuss America's GenealogyBank, one of the newest major collections of information available online for genealogists.

We'll also discuss ways to make your library research more efficient, and what every genealogist needs to know about libraries. So, tune in for more research success!
This text is taken from the PR release posted by Family Roots Radio

Oregon Historical Quarterly

Oregon Historical Quarterly
Spring 2007 (vol. 8, no.1)
Schechter, Patricia. The Labor of caring: a history of the Oregon Nurses Association. pp. 6-33.
Clauber, Carole. Eyes of the earth: Lily White, Sarah Ladd and the Oregon Camera Club. pp. 34-67.
Grady, C. Jill. Remittance men and the character of Cannon Beach. pp. 68-87.
Skovgaard, Dale. Oregon Voices: Memories of the 1948 Vanport Flood. pp. 88-106.
Wendeborn, John. Oregon Voices: Talegate, a trombone tableau. pp. 107-129.

Reviews. pp. 131-154.
Beckham, Stephen Dow. Oregon Indians, voices from two centuries. Corvallis, OR: OSU Press, 2006.
Joseph, Alvin M., Jr. Lewis & Clark through Indian eyes. NY: Knopf, 2006.
Stafford, William. Down in my heart, peace witness in war time. Corvallis, OR: OSU Press, 2006.
Brooks, Karl Boyd. Public power, private dams: the Hell's Canyon high dam controversy. Seattle, WA: UW Press, 2006.
Loouter, David. Windshield wilderness: Cars, roads and nature in Washington's National Parks. Seattle, WA: UW Press, 2006.
Wilkinson, Charles. Blood struggle, the rise of modern Indian nations. NY: W.W. Norton, 2005.
Blosser, Susan Soko. At home in the vineyard, cultivating a winery, an industry and a life. Berkeley, CA: UC Press, 2006.
Raibmon, Paige. Authentic Indians, episodes of encounter from the late 19th Century Northwest coast. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2005.
Anderson, Terry L.; Bruce L. Benson and Thomas E. Flanagan. Self-determination, the other path for Native Americans. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2006.
Abrams, Jeanne E. Jewish women pioneering the frontier trail. A history in the American West. NY: NYU Press, 2006.
McCloskey, J. Michael. In the thick of it, my life in the Sierra Club. Washington, DC: Island Press, 2005.
Smith, Allan H. Takhoma, ethnography of Mount Rainier National Park. Pullman, WA: WSU Press, 2006.
Guice, John D.W. By his own hand? The mysterious death of Meriwether Lewis. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 2006.
Willingham, William F. Northwest passages, a history of the Seattle District US Army Corps of Engineers, Vol. II, 1920-1970. US Army Corps of Engineers, 2006.
Baugh, Odin. John Frank Stevens, American trailblazer. Spokane, WA: Arthur H. Clark, 2005.


Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey

Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey
January 2007 (vol. 82, no.1)
Hatcher, Patrica Law. English records for members of Chesterfield Monthly Meeting. pp. 2-8.
Watson, Judith Green. 1798 Federal direct tax lists. Particular lists of slaves Middletown Township, Monmouth County and Hanover Township, Morris County. pp. 9-17.
Riemer, Janet T. The Early Sandford family in New Jersey. pp. 18-26.
Carkhuff, Roxanne K. Records of the New Jersey Court of Oyer and Terminer, 1749-1762. pp. 27-32.
Hunterdon County Gravestones: St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Hamtpon. pp. 33-40.
Riemer, Janet T. and Sean A. Curry. 1870 US Census Mortality Schedules, Essex County, NJ. pp. 41-47.
Young Daniel Richard's misfortune. pp. 47.
Bible and family records received in 2006. p. 48.

Maryland Historical Society Magazine

Maryland Historical Magazine
Winter 2006 (vol. 101, no.4)

Special Issue: A History of the Maryland Historical Society, 1844-2006. pp. 401-515.

NC Genealogical Society Journal

North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal
Februrary 2007 (vol. 33, no.1)


Sullivan, Kathy Gunter. Correction Twentieth Century legends, the right daughter for Margaret Hoyle. pp. 5-11.
Winslow, Stephen. Using new technology to test old theories: the Winslow family Y-DNA project and Timothy Winslow of Perquimans Precinct. pp. 12-21.
Fouts, Raymond Parker. 1720 acreage list for Chowan Precinct. pp. 22-46.
Oden, John H., III. I think I was born at Ocacocke or Edenton (Robert Smith). pp. 46.
Moore, Terry. The diary of Francis Joseph Krohn of Montgomery County. pp. 47-57.
Jones, Victor T., Jr. Marriages and deaths from the Raleigh Register, 1852. pp. 58-71.
Turner, Grace W. and Jeffrey L. Haines. North Carolina Supreme Court case, Dowd vs. Davis, 1833. pp. 72-79.

APG Quarterly

APG Quarterly
March 2007 (vol. 22, no.1)
Moody, Sharon Tate. Who are we? A by-the-numbers look at the average APG member. pp. 5-7.
King, Roberta "Bobbi". Professional profiles. Optimism prevails: Paula Stuart Warren; A leader in Poland: Marek Kuczynski; Nature Girl: Nora Galvin. pp. 13-16.
Muggenthaler, Cornelia. Holocaust research: and restitution of Nazi-looted property. pp. 25-28.
Morse, Stephen P. Deep-linking, getting the most out of existing search engines. pp. 29-39.
Jones, Thomas W. International institute, a breakthrough for academic genealogy? pp. 41-44.
Hansen, Jennifer. Tales from a whippersnapper, preparing for a re-entry into the professional world. pp. 45-46.
Fitzpatrick, Mary Louise. Writing research reports, how much should you do? pp. 47-48.
Taylor, Maureen. Passionate pursuits, five tips from a professional business consultant. pp. 49-50.

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Lexington attacked - 19 April 1775 Read all about it!

The news flashed across the country …

Bloody News: This town has been in a continual alarm since midday, with reports of the TROOPS having marched out of Boston to make some attack in the country – the reports in general concur, in part, in having been at Lexington and it is very generally said they have been at Concord.

New Hampshire Gazette & Historical Chronicle 21 April 1775

Americans! Forever bear in mind the Battle of Lexington, where British troops, unmolested and unprovoked, wantonly and in a most inhumane manner fired upon and killed a number of our countrymen, then robbed them of their possessions, ransacked, plundered and burnt their houses!
Connecticut Courant 8May 1775

Personal reports were gathered by newspapers up and down the Colonies and began appearing in print within days of the attack. More than 100 articles appeared in the next few weeks following the “Shot heard round the world”.

Troops had attacked the Colonies.
We were at war!
Gripping news, reported as it happened 232 years ago.

More and more historical newspapers are going online. This article is taken from
GenealogyBank, which has more than 1,300 newspapers online – spanning four centuries. It is a terrific way to find riveting articles like these that were written as events unfolded in the lives of our ancestors.

For a
complete list of GenealogyBank’s newspapers click

GenealogyBank is an excellent new source for digital copies of original newspapers, government reports, books and more. You may search GenealogyBank for free and see a brief few lines of the original source to verify that GenealogyBank has the information you want before you subscribe. Try it now and see what you will find.

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Oregon Library Assn Conference - Genealogy & Local History Sessions

Oregon Library Association Conference
April 18-20, 2007
Corvallis, Oregon

Digitizing Grows Community
8:30-10 a.m. Friday, April 20th
Kate Cleland-Sipfle, Southern Oregon University; Rose Jackson, Portland State University; Marita Kunkel, Oregon Institute of Technology; Dorothy Ormes, Southern Oregon University

Unlikely collaborations between libraries (academic or public), multi-level government agencies, and nonprofits has enabled creation of digital collections of cultural heritage, public policy, and scientific interest for Oregonians. LSTA-funded cases presented are: Southern Oregon Digital History Collection, Oregon Sustainable Community Digital Library, and Klamath Waters Digital Library.

Genealogy Around the World
11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Friday, April 20th
Christopher D. Rumbaugh, Corvallis-Benton County Public Library

Help your patrons travel to the lands of their ancestors! The Internet makes international genealogy a reality for many. This program will serve as an overview of genealogical resources available from around the world. See examples of databases, scanned images, national and regional archives, and genealogical societies. For reference librarians and support staff working directly with patrons.

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Crossroads (Utah Genealogical Association)

December 2006 (vol. 2, no.1)

Gormley, Myra Vanderpool. What became of the daring young men of the pony express, a genealogical and historical look. pp. 2-9.
Compiled list of pony express riders. pp. 10-12.
McClure, Rhonda R. Ancestry of Josh Brolin. pp. 13-15, 20-23, 27, 29-31.
Remington, Gordon L. Census and sensibility, lost in transcription. pp. 16-18.
Ison, James. What's new at the Family History Library? pp. 19.
Brisson Banks, Claire V. Web-chat. pp. 24-26.
Murphy, Nathan W. Gateway to Europe, the immigrant servants database. pp. 32-35.
UGA names Barbara Dodson Walker a Fellow. pp. 36.
In Memoriam: Nick Vine Hall. pp. 37-39.

Book & CD reviews. pp. 40-45.
Ricker, Jacquelyn Ladd. The Ricker Compilation of Vital Records of Early Connecticut based on the Barbour Collection of CT town vital records and other statistical sources. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing, 2006.
Alexander, Thomas G. Grace & grandeur, a history of Salt Lake City. Carlsbad, CA: Heritage Media, 2001.
Herber, Mark. Ancestral Trails, the complete guide to British genealogy and family history. 2nd edtion. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing, 2006.

UGA offers special price for GenealogyBank for all genealogists.


Library Resources & Technical Services

Library Resources & Technical Services
April 2007 (vol. 51, no.2)

Gracy, Karen E. and Jean Ann Croft. Quo Vadis, preservation education? pp. 81-97.
Whittaker, Beth M. DACS and RDA, insights and questions from new archival descriptive standard. pp. 98-105.
Lavole, Brian F., Lynn Silipigni Connaway, and Edward T. O'Neill. Mapping WordCat's digital landscape. pp. 106-115.
Hicks, Emily A., Jody Perkins and Margaret Beecher Maurer. Application profile development for consortial digital libraries. pp. 116-131.
Naun, Chew Chiat. FRBR principles applied to a local online journal finding aid. pp. 134-145.
Simpson, Betsy; Jimmie Lundgren and Tatiana Barr. Linking print and electronic books, one approach. pp. 146-152.

Swanson, Edward. Book Reviews. pp. 153-155.
Broughton, Vanda. Essential Thesaurus Construction. London: Facet Pub., 2006.
Roe, Sandra K. and Alan R. Thomas. The Thesaurus, review, renaissance and revision. Binghamton, NY: Hawthorne Press, Inc., 2004.
Intner, Sheila S.; Joanna F. Fountain, and Jane E. Gilchrist. Cataloging correctly for kids. Chicago: ALA, 2006.


Published by ALCTS, American Library Association

Treesearcher (KS Genealogical Society)

Spring 2007 (vol. 49, no.1)
Marriage records, Pawnee County, Kansas, 15 September 1873 - 1 January 1889, sorted alphabetically by groom, H through M. pp. 7-11.
Jones, Larry. School days souvenir. p. 12.
Family record of Inglefield Buril Gregory. pp. 13-17.
It's never too late (Noa Ochs, age 95 graduating from college; Civil War Slave compensation claims). p. 18.
Blogs. pp. 21-22.

Johnson, Catherine McDaniel. Books in Brief. pp. 23-24.
Quatercentenary celebration of the promulgation of the Edict of Nantes, April 13, 1598. Huguenot Society in America, 2002.
Reina, Betty Burton. Some descendants of John Burton. Wallingford, PA: Author, 2006.
Ricker, Jacquelyn Ladd. The Riker compilation of vital records of early CT based on the Barbour Collection of town vital records and other statistical sources. Compact Disk. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publ. Co., 2006.
Scoggins, Margaret B. Scoggins family, an American saga. Poplar Bluff, MO: Author, 2002.

Online Resources. p. 25
Kansas Genealogical Society library accessions, 1 October 2006 through 31 December 2006. pp. 26.


Delaware Genealogical Society Journal

Delaware Genealogical Society Journal
April 2007 (vol. 14, no.1)
Schanes, Nancy E. The Phillips/Philips families of Greenbank Mill, Wilmington, DE. pp. 1-4.
Marriages taken from the Every Evening & Commercial in the possession of the Historical Society of Delaware. pp. 5-10.
The Taylor family of Brandywine Hundred, DE with ties to nearby PA counties & CA. pp. 11-14.
Sussex County tavern licenses. pp. 15.
Eubanks Family Bible. pp. 16-17.
St. Paul's Cemetery, Odessa, Delaware. pp. 18-24. (to be continued).


Obituary: Loraine Crane Gunter Genealogist, Author - Gainesville, GA

Loraine Crane Gunter

Herald-Journal (Spartanburg, SC) - April 10, 2007
Published by permission of GenealogyBank

GAINESVILLE, GA -- Mrs. Loraine Crane Gunter, age 73 of Gainesville, GA passed away on April 8, 2007 at her residence following an extended illness.

Mrs. Gunter was born in Hall County on May 11, 1933 to the late Leonard Jason Crane and Mary Lee Baugh Crane. She was of the Episcopal faith. Loraine's alma mater was The University of Miami.

She was a longtime writer of Genealogical books, and was a loving wife and mother. Survivors include her husband of 52 years, Dr. Thomas Hillyer Gunter Jr.; daughter, Kimberly Dee Gunter; son and daughter-in-law, Thomas Hiller Gunter III and Laurie O. Gunter; grandchildren, Kimberly Loraine (Lori) Gunter, Melissa Jean Roberts, Thomas Hillyer Gunter IV and Tyler Lee Gunter; great-grandchildren, Chase and Gavin Gunter, Caleb and Chloe Roberts; and nieces, nephews and many life long friends.

A memorial service is scheduled for Thursday April 12, 2007 at her residence with Rev. Thomas Davis will officiating. The family will receive friends from 2:00-4:00 PM. Though we are diminished by our loss. We take solace in the joy and happiness she brought to each of our lives.
Copyright 2007 Herald-Journal (Spartanburg, SC)

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Family History Library digitizes Guam's Records

KUAM-TV of Guam reports that the Family History Library (Salt Lake City, UT) has completed the digitization of the historical records of Guam housed at the Micronesian Area Research Center MARC at the University of Guam.

The television report said that 19th and 20th century genealogical records were digitized on 260 CD-ROMs that were deposited with MARC and at the Family History Library.

University of Guam Associate professor Omaira Brunal-Perry said that the Family History Library "hoped to make the collection available via the Internet".

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Georgia Historical Society Quarterly

Georgia Historical Quarterly
Spring 2007 (vol. 91, no.1)
Sweet, Julie Anne. The British Sailor's Advocate: James Oglethorpe's first philanthropic venture. pp. 1-27.
Grant, H. Roger. The Georgia & Florida Railroad and wiregrass agriculture. pp. 28-48.
Davis, Rebecca. Overcoming the "Defect of the Sex" : Georgia women's fight for access to jury service. pp. 49-69.
Flanders, E. Lorene; Myron House and Jan Ruskell. Georgia History in Pictures: From rural roots to global reach, celebrating a century of success at the University of West Georgia. pp. 70-82.

Book Reviews: pp. 83-114
McCash, June Hall. Jekyll Island's early years, from prehistory through Reconstruction. Athens, GA: Univeristy of GA Press, 2005.
Downey, Tom. Planting a capitalist South: masters, merchants, and manufacturers in the Southern interior, 1790-1860. Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Press, 2006.
Martin, Jonathan D. Divided mastery: slave hiring in the American South. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 2004.
Mobley, Joe A. War Governor of the South: North Carolina's Zeb Vance in the Confederacy. Gainesville, FL: University Press of FL, 2005.
Gardiner, Sarah E. Blood & irony: Southern white women's narratives of the Civil War, 1861-1937. Chapel Hill, NC: UNC Press, 2004.
Ruhlman, R. Fred. Captain Henry Wirz and Andersonville Prison, a reappraisal. Knoxville,TN: University of TN Press, 2006.
Dickey, Ouida and Doyle Mathis. Berry College, a history. Athens, GA: University of GA Press, 2005.
Godshalk, David Fort. Veiled visions, the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot and reshaping of American race relations. Chapel Hill, NC: UNC Press, 2006.
Sokol, Jason. There goes my everything: White Southerners in the age of civil rights, 1945-1975. NY: Knopf, 2006.
Rosmano, Renee C. Race mixing, Black-White marriage in postwar America. Gainesville, FL: University Press of FL, 2006.
Hill, Lance. The deacons for defense, armed resistance and the civil rights movement. Chapel Hill, NC: UNC Press, 2004.
Strain, Christopher B. Pure fire, self-defense as activism in the civil rights era. Athens, GA: University of GA Press, 2005.
Southern journeys, tourism, history & culture in the modern South. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of AL, 2003.

Recently processed Manuscript Collections at the Georgia Historical Society. pp. 114-118.
Poetry Society of Georgia Records.
US Constitution draft annotated by Abraham Baldwin, 1787.
GA Constitution, 1777.
Logan E. Bleckley Letter, 1893.
Burke Family Papers. 1773-1874.
County courthouses of GA scrapbook.
Savannah Automobile Club Guidebook.
Elbert Ward deeds, Savannah, GA.
Myrick Index to colonial wills and administrations. 1759-1830.
Chatham County (GA) Health Department death cards. 1803-1893.
GA Obituaries.
Caro McDowell Collection on the Christophe Poulain DuBignon Family, 1442-1845.
Gilbert Moxley Sorrel cased photograph, 1863--1864.
Published by the Georgia Historical Society

Friday, April 6, 2007

Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin

Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin
Winter 2007 (vol. 48, no.1)

League, Nathaniel. John Christopher Columbus Thomas Jefferson James Madison Bonaparte League. pp. 3-22.
Burgess, Jane F. 1850 non-population census, productions of agriculture, a tool for genealogical research. Case Study: Montgomery County, Maryland Districts One and Five. pp. 23-55.
Feldman, Dianne W. 1868 Baltimore City Police Census. pp. 56-66.
Rouse, Nancy R. Rouse Family Bibles. pp. 67-72.
Epsom, Baltimore County. pp. 73-75.
Toms, Frank W. Record of Toms family from Frederick County, Maryland. pp. 76-77.
Kingston's Thompsons. pp. 78-80.
Miles Family. pp. 81-85.
Steele, Leonard. German Surnames. pp. 86-91.
Turner, Francis. The Titchnell Family. pp. 92-95.
Book Reviews:
Waters, Nancy Lee. Family Diversity: The Lauer, Borgmeier, Bauer, families, Deutschland to Baltimore, Maryland, and the MacCubbin's 1650 to 2006. Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, 2006.
Skinner, V.L. Abstracts of the Testamentary proceedings of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, Vol. 7, 1693-1697, Libers 15B, 15C, 16. Baltimore, MD: Clearfield Co., 2006.
Wright, Holly G. and F. Edward Wright. Colonial families of the Northern Neck of Virginia, Volume 2. Lewes, DE: Colonial Roots, 2006.
Kamp, Gayle O. and Deanna Thomas Oklepek. Beltzhoover. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2006.
Raleigh Adams, Sherry. York County, Virginia deeds, orders, wills, etc. Lewes, DE: Colonial Roots, 2005-2006. pp. 96-103.

Indiana Genealogical Society Newsletter

Indiana Genealogical Society Newsletter
February 2007 (vol. 19, no.1)

Indiana Marriage Indexing Project Begins (Cooperative online project with the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT). pp. 1, 4.
Once a Hoosier. Emma Rose Hatter; Elizabeth Laurel (Betty) Henry; Frank Vaughn Richison, John Alfred Riggs, Edward Rushton, Daniel Thatcher Woods. pp. 11-13.
Shelby County (Records) Storage Problem. p. 14
Dichtl, Bill. Spotlight on: Ohio County. pp. 17-18.
Hooker, Sheila. Spotlight on: Tippecanoe County. p. 18.

New Mexico Genealogist

New Mexico Genealogist
March 2007 (vol. 46, no.1)

Daniel, Karen Stein. New Mexico Gold Star Mothers and Widows of American World War I soldiers, sailors and marines entitled to make a pilgrimage to European War cemeteries (part I). pp. 3-12.
Gortarez, Louanna. Record of Interments. Parish of Our Lady of Gaudalupe, Taos. pp. 13-18. (continuation).
Thompson, Mark. The 1885 New Mexico census. A hidden gem. pp. 19-26.
Shaw, Russell F. The families of the Rio del Oso grant. pp. 27-33.
Giovanetti, Toni Gomez. Entierros de a Parroquia de Springer, New Mexico. pp. 34-39.
Book Review: Hordes, Stanley M. To the End of the Earth: A history of the Crypto-Jews of New Mexico. NY: Columbia University Press, 2005. pp. 41.
Primeras families de Nuevo Mexico - First Families of New Mexico: Jimmy J. Martinez, descendant of Pedro Lucero de Godoi and Francisa Gomex Robledo; Jacob Albert Tapia, Jr. descendant of Don Juan Bautista Alarid and Maria Francisca Fernandez de la Pedrera. pp. 42-43.
Shea, Marjorie and Ernie P. Jaskolski. New Mexico Ancestors: Zamora, Chavia (Chavira), Martinez, Moya, Gonzales, Baca, Collantes, Barela. pp. 44-45.
Noyes, Myrna. New Mexico Ancestors: Esselbach, Seligman, Wollenweber, Brottlund, Barney, Berryman, Selfridge, Harlow. pp. 46.

NEH grants - Historical Societies, libraries ...


Preservation Assistance Grants for Smaller Institutions help small and mid-sized institutions, such as libraries, museums, historical societies, archival repositories, town and county records offices, and colleges, improve their ability to preserve and care for their humanities collections. Awards of up to $5000 support preservation related collection assessments, consultations, and workshops, and institutional and collaborative disaster and emergency planning. Grants cover consultant fees, workshop registration fees, related travel and per diem expenses, and the costs of purchasing and shipping preservation supplies and equipment.

All applications to the NEH must be submitted through Grants.gov. See the application guidelines for details.

The 2007 guidelines for Preservation Assistance Grants for Smaller Institutions are available at
http://www.neh.gov/grants/guidelines/pag.html. You will also find sample project descriptions, sample narratives, and a list of frequently asked questions. The deadline for applications is May 15, 2007.

Small and mid-sized institutions that have never received an NEH grant are especially encouraged to apply.

For more information, contact the staff of NEH's Division of Preservation and Access at 202-606-8570 and
preservation@neh.gov .

Elizabeth Joffrion Senior Program Officer Division of Preservation and Access National Endowment for the Humanities 1100 Pennsylvania Ave. NWWashington, DC 20506 202-606-8570 (fax) 202-606-8639

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UK - Essex Record Office Imposes Higher Fees

The East Anglican Daily Times reports that the Essex Record Office in Chelmsford has raised their fees so high that it might be too expensive for genealogists to do research there.

New fees include: one hour search = $41; two hour search = $82; scanned print $14 plus the cost of scanning; Black & White prints $25 and large color prints $195.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Florida Historical Quarterly

Florida Historical Quarterly
Winter 2007 (vol. 85, no.3)

Stagg, J.C.A. George Mathews and John McKee: Revolutionizing East Florida, Mobile and Pensacola in 1812. pp. 269-296.
Poole, Leslie Kemp. The Women of the Early Florida Audubon Society: Agents of History in the Fight to Save State Birds. pp. 297-323.
Raupp, Jason T. Fish on: Pensacola's Red Snapper Fishery. pp. 324-341.

Michigan - New Content

Michigan History
March/April 2007 (vol. 91, no.2)

Czerwick, Hank. Victory Gardens. pp. 8-9.
Rupley, Richard M. The Great Train Robbery. pp. 10-15.
James, Sheryl. A Workhorse, not a Showhorse: the Life and Times of Gerald R. Ford. pp. 16-31.
James, Sheryl. Coming Home (President Gerald R. Ford Funeral). pp. 32-39.
Chavez, Art. Message in a Bottle (written by Albion RIchard Saddon before the sinking of the SS. Milwaukee in 1929). pp. 40-47.
Liesch, Matthew. History in Your Hometown: Ironwood. The Majestic Hills of Iron. pp. 48-55.
Rosentrieter, Roger L. A French Trailblazer: The Griffin's Voyage (Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle). pp. 56-59.
Published by the Michigan Historical Center

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Joanne Cox Iddings - Dies at 78 - Ludlow Falls, OH - Genealogist, Author

Dayton Daily News (OH) - April 3, 2007
Posted by permission of

IDDINGS, Joanne Cox age 78 of Ludlow Falls passed away on Saturday March 31, 2007 at Koester Pavilion, Troy. She was preceded in death by parents Edwin E. and Esther (Spitler) Cox. She is survived by her husband Ned Lowell Iddings, sons and daughters-in-law Steven Ned and Tara Mar Iddings, Suva, Fiji, Brian Cox and Michelle Denlinger Iddings, Troy, daughter and son-in-law Karen and Matt Foster, Tampa, FL, grandchildren James Foster, Sarah Foster and Brittany Iddings.

She was a 1946 graduate of Milton-Union high school and Dayton School of Business, was active in the alumni and spent 56 years as a farm wife. She was a Troy Historical Society volunteer in the Research Library, a Free-lance writer, an active and loyal member of Center Friends Church and a member of West Milton Grandmother's Club.

She spent 30 years as an independent genealogist for the Iddings family research and co-author of 2 family history books.

Funeral services will be held at 10:30am on Thursday April 5, 2007 at the Center Friends Church 8550 St. Rt. 571 West Milton with Pastor Steve Sims officiating, burial to follow at Old Union Cemetery. Friends may call on Wednesday April 4, 2007 from 4-8 pm at the Hale- Sarver Funeral Home, 284 N. Miami St. West Milton. If so desired, contributions may be given to the American Lung Association.

Copyright, 2007, Cox Ohio Publishing. All rights reserved.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Ohio - New Content

Keeping Current
Journal articles of Interest
Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly.
March 2007 (vol. 47, no. 1)

Table of Contents - List of articles _________________________________________________________________________________________ Kinsey, Russell F. Reed Family (Portage County, Ohio). pp. 1-6.
Grace, C. Dwane. 1839 Quadrennial enumeration Allen County, Ohio. pp. 7-14.
King, Gilbert. Blood will tell? pp. 15-17.
Beasley Bible - Athens County. pp. 17.
Caldwell Bible- Athens County. pp. 18.
Williams Bible - Athens County. pp. 18-19.
Sams Bible - Athens County. pp. 19-20.
1881 Post Offices and postmasters of Mercer County. pp. 20.
Burck, Kenny R. and Doris Thomson. 1892 deaths in Cincinnati, Ohio with burials outside of Hamilton County and additions and corrections to 1906 and 1907 deaths. pp. 21-25.
Graham, Jane C. A letter from Alexander Campbell to his son Alexander. Jefferson County, Ohio. pp. 26-27.
Nathan, Jean Overmeier. Ohioans on the move. History of State of Kansas, William G. Cutler, 1883. pp. 27-32.
Slater, Will. The Cabeens of Muskingum County, Ohio. pp. 33-38.
Bogart, Jean Coddington. Worthington, Ohio High School (1942). pp. 39-42.
Nathan, Jean Overmeier. Marion County directory, Marion County, Ohio, 1936-1938. Big Island Township. pp. 42-45.
Makley, Robert A. The Kite family, Champaign County, Ohio. pp. 46-50.

________________________________________________________________________________________ Published by the Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly

Missouri - New Content

Keeping Current

Journal articles of Interest
Missouri Historical Review.
April 2007 (vol. 101, no. 3)

Table of Contents - List of articles _________________________________________________________________________________________
Thurman, Joseph C. James H. Lucas: Eminent St. Louis entrepreneur and philanthropist. pp. 129-145.
Campbell, Stephen. Hickory Wind: The role of personality and the press in Andrew Jackson's Bank War in Missouri, 1831-1837. pp. 146-167.
Kremer, Gary R. William J. Tompkins, African-American physician, politician and publisher. pp. 168-182.
Lukomski, Jennifer. From the Stacks: Western Historical Manuscript Collection - Columbia. The National Women and Media Collection. pp. 183-186.
_________________________________________________________________________________________ Published by the State Historical Society of Missouri

Genealogy Librarians recognized in Illinois

There is a terrific article in Sunday's Belleville News-Democrat praising the work of Madison County (IL) Historical Museum's librarians: Mary Westerhold, Marion Sperling, and Leah Deem.

The article by Teri Maddox begins ...
"Move over, Jessica Fletcher.
Librarians at Madison County Historical Museum and Archival Library in Edwardsville do just as much sleuthing as the amateur detective in "Murder, She Wrote."

They help genealogists dig up information on their ancestors. They help students learn about people, places and events of the past. They help homeowners compile residential histories."

It's good to see their help and hard work being recognized by the community. The Madison County (IL) Historical Museum is in Edwardsville, IL

(Photo by Zia Nizami, Belleville News-Demcrat, used by permission).

Rhode Island - New Content

Keeping Current
Journal articles of Interest

Rhode Island Roots. March 2007 (vol. 33, no. 1)
Table of Contents - List of articles
Dwyer, Michael F. Dwyer families of Newport in 1900. pp. 1-21.
Austin, Annie. The 1774 census of Rhode Island: Warren. pp. 22-28.
New Book Announcement: Fiske, Jane Fletcher. Thomas Clemence of Providence. (TBP Summer 2007 by RIGS). pp. 28.
McShane, Marie Crudden and Denise Aiken. Alice's Ring: A Genealogical Detective Story. pp. 29-32.
Hey, Catherine. The paupers of the town of Coventry: Town council meeting 3 June 1834. pp. 33.
Howe, Jeffrey. Black and Indian sailors from Rhode Island: from Providence Custom House records (Part 3, K-Y). pp. 34-49.
Bamberg, Cherry Fletcher. Bible records from South Kingstown: Eldred, Babcock, Tucker. pp. 50-51.

by the Rhode Island Genealogical Society

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South Dakota Genealogical Society Quarterly. April 2007 (vol. 26, no. 2)
Table of Contents - List of articles
Wheeler, Roy. Online: Putting the puzzle together, researching with your computer. South Dakota counties: Mellette County. pp. 1-12.
Teslow Peggy. Naturalization Records. pp. 13--15
Name index to SDGS Quarterly (Vols. 1-6). pp. 15-25. (to be continued)