Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Michigan - New Content

Michigan History
March/April 2007 (vol. 91, no.2)

Czerwick, Hank. Victory Gardens. pp. 8-9.
Rupley, Richard M. The Great Train Robbery. pp. 10-15.
James, Sheryl. A Workhorse, not a Showhorse: the Life and Times of Gerald R. Ford. pp. 16-31.
James, Sheryl. Coming Home (President Gerald R. Ford Funeral). pp. 32-39.
Chavez, Art. Message in a Bottle (written by Albion RIchard Saddon before the sinking of the SS. Milwaukee in 1929). pp. 40-47.
Liesch, Matthew. History in Your Hometown: Ironwood. The Majestic Hills of Iron. pp. 48-55.
Rosentrieter, Roger L. A French Trailblazer: The Griffin's Voyage (Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle). pp. 56-59.
Published by the Michigan Historical Center