Monday, April 16, 2007

Lexington attacked - 19 April 1775 Read all about it!

The news flashed across the country …

Bloody News: This town has been in a continual alarm since midday, with reports of the TROOPS having marched out of Boston to make some attack in the country – the reports in general concur, in part, in having been at Lexington and it is very generally said they have been at Concord.

New Hampshire Gazette & Historical Chronicle 21 April 1775

Americans! Forever bear in mind the Battle of Lexington, where British troops, unmolested and unprovoked, wantonly and in a most inhumane manner fired upon and killed a number of our countrymen, then robbed them of their possessions, ransacked, plundered and burnt their houses!
Connecticut Courant 8May 1775

Personal reports were gathered by newspapers up and down the Colonies and began appearing in print within days of the attack. More than 100 articles appeared in the next few weeks following the “Shot heard round the world”.

Troops had attacked the Colonies.
We were at war!
Gripping news, reported as it happened 232 years ago.

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