Monday, April 2, 2007

Genealogy Librarians recognized in Illinois

There is a terrific article in Sunday's Belleville News-Democrat praising the work of Madison County (IL) Historical Museum's librarians: Mary Westerhold, Marion Sperling, and Leah Deem.

The article by Teri Maddox begins ...
"Move over, Jessica Fletcher.
Librarians at Madison County Historical Museum and Archival Library in Edwardsville do just as much sleuthing as the amateur detective in "Murder, She Wrote."

They help genealogists dig up information on their ancestors. They help students learn about people, places and events of the past. They help homeowners compile residential histories."

It's good to see their help and hard work being recognized by the community. The Madison County (IL) Historical Museum is in Edwardsville, IL

(Photo by Zia Nizami, Belleville News-Demcrat, used by permission).