Friday, April 6, 2007

New Mexico Genealogist

New Mexico Genealogist
March 2007 (vol. 46, no.1)

Daniel, Karen Stein. New Mexico Gold Star Mothers and Widows of American World War I soldiers, sailors and marines entitled to make a pilgrimage to European War cemeteries (part I). pp. 3-12.
Gortarez, Louanna. Record of Interments. Parish of Our Lady of Gaudalupe, Taos. pp. 13-18. (continuation).
Thompson, Mark. The 1885 New Mexico census. A hidden gem. pp. 19-26.
Shaw, Russell F. The families of the Rio del Oso grant. pp. 27-33.
Giovanetti, Toni Gomez. Entierros de a Parroquia de Springer, New Mexico. pp. 34-39.
Book Review: Hordes, Stanley M. To the End of the Earth: A history of the Crypto-Jews of New Mexico. NY: Columbia University Press, 2005. pp. 41.
Primeras families de Nuevo Mexico - First Families of New Mexico: Jimmy J. Martinez, descendant of Pedro Lucero de Godoi and Francisa Gomex Robledo; Jacob Albert Tapia, Jr. descendant of Don Juan Bautista Alarid and Maria Francisca Fernandez de la Pedrera. pp. 42-43.
Shea, Marjorie and Ernie P. Jaskolski. New Mexico Ancestors: Zamora, Chavia (Chavira), Martinez, Moya, Gonzales, Baca, Collantes, Barela. pp. 44-45.
Noyes, Myrna. New Mexico Ancestors: Esselbach, Seligman, Wollenweber, Brottlund, Barney, Berryman, Selfridge, Harlow. pp. 46.