Tuesday, April 17, 2007

NC Genealogical Society Journal

North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal
Februrary 2007 (vol. 33, no.1)


Sullivan, Kathy Gunter. Correction Twentieth Century legends, the right daughter for Margaret Hoyle. pp. 5-11.
Winslow, Stephen. Using new technology to test old theories: the Winslow family Y-DNA project and Timothy Winslow of Perquimans Precinct. pp. 12-21.
Fouts, Raymond Parker. 1720 acreage list for Chowan Precinct. pp. 22-46.
Oden, John H., III. I think I was born at Ocacocke or Edenton (Robert Smith). pp. 46.
Moore, Terry. The diary of Francis Joseph Krohn of Montgomery County. pp. 47-57.
Jones, Victor T., Jr. Marriages and deaths from the Raleigh Register, 1852. pp. 58-71.
Turner, Grace W. and Jeffrey L. Haines. North Carolina Supreme Court case, Dowd vs. Davis, 1833. pp. 72-79.