Monday, October 15, 2007

Books of the Day - George Washington's Ancestry

Books of the Day

This past weekend two things happened, one was the anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of the White House in 1792 and the other was that my daughter returned from a weeklong school trip to DC where they visited the White House and other sites in our nation's capitol.

So in that spirit I selected these two books on George Washington's ancestry as today's Books of the Day. They were written by two of the nation's preeminent genealogists: Joseph Lemuel Chester (1821-1882) and Henry FitzGilbert Waters (1833-1913).

The first is an essay by Joseph Lemuel Chester that examines the ancestry of Washington and includes quotes from Washington's correspondence on his family's traditions about their origins. Chester was inducted into the NGS Hall of Fame in 1995.

Chester, Joseph Lemuel. A preliminary investigation of the alleged ancestry of George Washington : first President of the United States of America, exposing a serious error in the existing pedigree. Boston, MA: H.W. Dutton & Son, printers, 1866. 14p.
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The next book is a sequel to Chester's work that expanded this discussion of Washington's ancestry. It was written by Henry FitzGilbert Waters (1833-1913). Like Chester, Waters was also elected into the NGS Hall of Fame.

Waters, Henry FitzGilbert. An examination of the English ancestry of George Washington, setting forth the evidence to connect him with the Washingtons of Sulgrave and Brington. Boston, MA: NEHGS, 1889. 55p.
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