Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Journal Articles - Indiana, Missouri, Connecticut, Massachusetts

Indiana Genealogist
September 2007 (vol. 18, issue 3)
Thompson, Meredith. Vermillion County Man Acquitted. pp. 2-4.
_____. Benton County Veteran Dies. pp. 4.
Klassen, Teri. Tracing the Genealogy of a Southern Indiana Quilt Pattern. pp. 5-18.
Hague, Elizabeth. Dubois County Democratic Candidates, 1898. pp. 19.
Mathiesen, Penelope. Sheriffs in Monroe County, Indiana 1818-1984. pp. 20-21.
Brettin, Peg. Starke County's Oldest Man. pp. 21.
Comer, Margaret. The Jennett McCullough Murphy Quilt. pp. 22-29.
Thompson, Meredith. Faculty of South Bend High School 1870-1911. pp. 30-34.
_____. Kokomo Couple Gets Annulment, Then Elopes. pp. 34.
1890 Enumeration of Soldiers' Home, Marion, Indiana [Surnames M-Z]. pp. 35-40.
Thompson, Meredith. Frankfort News, 1911. pp. 40.
Hague, Elizabeth. Washington County News, 1894. pp. 41.
Thompson, Meredith. Brownstown Farmer Killed by Lightning. pp. 41.
Meeks, Tony. Deaths of Gar Post Members, 1933. pp. 42.
Weiler-Powell, Marjorie V. Ripley County News, 1890. pp. 43-44.
Darrah, Ron. In-Genious! Chasing Military Records. pp. 45-50.
Brettin, Peg. Starke County Businesses, 1902. pp. 50.
Published by Indiana Genealogical Society

Missouri Historical Review
October 2007 (vol. 102, no. 1)
Frizzell, Robert W. Marie Dierking Herd Neuhaus: Lafayette County German Farmwife and Proto-Feminist. pp. 1-9.
Yelton, Jeffrey K. The Pertle Springs Park: The Life and Death of a Nineteenth-Century Midwestern Resort. pp. 10-24.
Schreck, Kimberly A. The Patriarch, His "Wives," His "Slaves," and His "Children": Contested Wills in the Case of Keen v. Keen. pp. 25-41.
Sarvis, Will. "I Enjoyed My Work in the Senate": An Oral Interview with Thomas F. Eagleton. pp. 42-57.
Thomas, Ken. From the Stacks: Western Historical Manuscript Collection-St. Louis Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers. pp. 58-61.

Book Reviews - pp. 62-68
Dippel, John Van Houten. Race to the Frontier: "White Flight" and Westward Expansion. New York: Algora, 2005.
Pfaff, Daniel W. No Ordinary Joe: A Life of Joseph Pulitzer III. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2005.
Ross, Kirby. Autobiography of Samuel S. Hildebrand: The Renowned Missouri Bushwhacker. Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 2005.
Gilmore, Donald L. Civil War on the Missouri-Kansas Border. Gretna, LA.: Pelican, 2006.
Stone, Jeffrey C. Slavery, Southern Culture, and Education in Little Dixie, Missouri, 1820-1860. New York: Routledge, 2006.
Lowry, Thomas P. Confederate Heroines. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2006.
Mason, Matthew. Slavery and Politics in the Early American Republic. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2006.
Hess, Earl J., Richard W. Hatcher III, William Garrett Piston, and William L. Shea. Wilson's Creek, Pea Ridge, and Prairie Grove: A Battlefield Guide with a Section on Wire Road. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2006.
Wood, Larry. Other Noted Guerrillas of the Civil War in Missouri. Joplin: Hickory Press, 2007.
Mueller, Doris Land. M. Jeff Thompson: Missouri's Swamp Fox of the Confederacy. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2007.
Burgan, Michael. George Washington Carver: Scientist, Inventor, and Teacher. Minneapolis: Compass Point Books, 2007.
Published by State Historical Society of Missouri

Connecticut League Bulletin
August 2007 (vol. 60, no. 3)
Connecticut Celebrates Archives Month - October 2007. pp. 1.
2007 AASLH Award Winners. pp. 1.
Conservation Assessment Program (CAP) Program 2008. pp. 1.
Out & About with the CLHO. pp. 4.
Picture Yourself! You too can be an Award of Merit Winner. pp. 4-5.
AASLH as Cooperator for Connecting to Collections Bookshelf. pp. 4.
Welcome New Board Members. pp. 5.
2007 ASCH Conference - The Constitution of 1818 and Beyond. pp. 5
Hocking, Linda, and Melissa Josefiak. Libraries 101: Common Sense and Next Steps. pp. 7-9.
Preserving Your Collections. pp. 9.
Baron, Donna. Online Course Review: The Basics of Archives, American Association for State and Local History (AASLH). pp. 10.
Dates for the Next AASLH online workshop: The Basics of Archives. pp. 10.
Josefiak, Melissa. In My Case... The Wethersfield Example. pp. 11.
Hocking, Linda. In My Case... Litchfield Example. pp. 11, 15.
Eves, Jamie and Kit. Tales from the Great Refuge. A Regular Series on Connecticut History. Hearing Reading, Setting Sums, and Teaching Parsing: Connecticut Schoolbooks in the Early 1800s: Part II This They Should Not Have D
one. pp. 12-14.
League Members Receive Grants from Federal and Connecticut Agencies. pp. 16.
Published by
Connecticut League Historical Society
Massachusetts Historical Review
2007 (vol. 9)


Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr. Remarks on receiving the John F. Kennedy Medal. pp. 1-5.
Scott, Rebecca J. A Cuban connection, Edwin F. Atkins, Charles Francis Adams, Jr. and the former slaves of Soledad Plantation. pp. 7-34.
Lopez, Kathleen and Rebekah E. Pite. Appendix. Letters from Soledad in the Atkins family papers at the Massachusetts Historical Society. pp. 35-54.
Nicolson, Colin. A plan "to banish all the Scotchmen". Victimization and political mobilization in Pre-Revolutionary Boston. pp. 55-102.
Gilbert, Daniel A. Why dwell on a lurid memory? Deviance and redevelopment in Boston's Scollay Square. pp. 103-133.
Spencer, Tracey Lovette and James E. Spencer, Jr. Notes and Documents: World War I as I saw it. The memoir of an African American soldier (Brewster Garnett Wright 1895-1963). pp. 134-165.
Greene, Jack P. Review Essay: Harvard men in a changing world. pp. 166-176.
Wright, Conrad Edick. Revolutionary generation: Harvard men and the consequences of Independence. Amherst & Boston, MA: Univ. of Mass. Press, 2005. 299p.
Colonial collegians, biographies of those who attended American college before the War of Independence. Boston, MA: Mass. Historical Society & NEHGS, 2005. CD-ROM.
Published by the Massachusetts Historical Society