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National Genealogical Society Quarterly
September 2007, (vol. 95, no 3)
Law and Genealogy: A Theme Issue of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly.
Devine, Donn. The Common Law of England: A Key Resource for American Genealogists. pp. 165-178.
Bettag, Claire Mire. Civil Law Concepts and Genealogy: Learning from the French Model. pp. 179-196.
Update (Correction)
Sorting Relationship among Families with the Same Surname: An Irish-American DNA Study. pp. 196.
Fleming, Ann Carter. Genealogical Applications of American Statute Law. pp. 197-210.
Pearson, Jane Douma. Family Views Celestial Events. pp. 210.
McDonald, David M. Protestant Church Law and Records in America: Some Denominations and Archives. pp. 211-228.

Book Reviews - pp. 229-236
Berlin, Ira. Generations of Captivity: A History of African American Slaves. The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2003.
Pritchett, John W. Southside Virginia Genealogies (CD-ROM). Genealogical Publishing Company, 2007.
Russell, Christie Hill. The Civil War Period Journals of Paulena Stevens Janney, 1859-1866. Gateway Press, 2007.
Barnickel, Linda. Oral History for the Family Historian: A Basic Guide. Oral History Association, 2006.
Mills, Elizabeth Shown. Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. Genealogical Publishing Company, 2007.
Coleman, Arthur, and Hildy Neel. Great Stories of World War II: An Annotated Bibliography of Eyewitness War-Related Books Written and Published Between 1940-1946. Scarecrow Press, 2007.
Fraser, F. Clarke. Your Genealogy Affects Your Health: Know Your Family Tree. iUniverse, Inc., 2006.
Eisler, Luanne R., Glee C. McKnight, and Janet Smith. An Historical Gazetteer of Butler County, Pennsylvania. Butler, PA.: The Butler Area Public Library, 2007.
A Resource Guide to Georgia Marriage Records. Atlanta, GA.: Georgia Genealogical Society. 2006.

Published by National Genealogical Society Quarterly

Michigan History
September/October, 2007 (vol. 91, no. 5)
Harwood, Tudi. A Extra Lucky Cloverleaf. pp. 10-11.
Ranville, Michael. Forty Years Ago, George Romney's Casual Comment Changed His Life and American History. pp. 12-17.
Schulz, Todd. The Perfect Season: Undefeated, Untied, Unscored Upon, Unthinkable. pp. 19-25.
James, Sheryl. A Man Who Made The Tigers Roar! pp. 26-29.
Schmeling, Kathleen. Viva La Causa! Remembering The Michigan March for Migrants. pp. 30-31.
Federspiel, Michael. Up North with the Hemingwasys. pp. 32-43.
Barnett, Le Roy. An Upper Peninsula Railroad that Failed to Make the Grade. pp. 44-51.
Beld, Gordon G. History in your hometown: Wyoming. pp. 52-59.
Carson, David A. Ask the Author... In Grit, Noise and Revolution: The Birth of Detroit Rock 'N' Roll. pp. 60-61.
The Primary Source (George Klobuchar who wore this miner's lamp). pp.64.

Book Reviews - pp. 62-63
Paluszewski, Alana. Shooting Star: The Amazing Life of Ann Marston. Royal Oak: Momentum Books, 2007.
Anders, Judith. Octagon House. octagonhouse-Washington, MI. 2007.
Cameron, James K. Voices Over the Valley: An Oral History of the Saline Valley Farms 1932-1953. Saline: Barnegat Publishing Company, 2004.
Sandman, Jeffery P., and Peter R. Sandman. Soaring and Gliding: The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Area. Charleston, SC.: Arcadia Publishing, 2006.
Dobson, Robert D. The Railroad that Never Ran. Negaunee: Dobson Publications, 2004.
_____. The Early History of a Mining Town: Ishpeming, Michigan 1852-1920. Negaunee: Dobson Publications, 2005.
Anderson, William M. Images of America: Victory Township. Mount Pleasant, SC.: Arcadia Publishing, 2007.
Bogue, Margaret Beattie. Around The Shores of Lake Superior: A Guide to Historic Sites. Madison, WI.: The University of Wisconsin Press, 2007.

Published by Michigan History

Internet Genealogy
October/November 2007 (vol. 2, no. 4)
Puller, Bill. You Gotta Getta Wiki! pp. 9-11.
Nally, Nancy A. GenSmarts: The Second Generation. pp. 12-14.
Hunts, Al Henderson. I Always Come Back to Grandpa. pp. 15-20.
Norris, David A. There's a Timeline for Every Purpose. pp 21-24.
Richard, Diane L. When Disaster Strikes: Genealogy and Mother Nature. pp. 25-27.
Judd, Amanda. 261,939,955 Names Found Online! pp. 28-34.
LaPointe, Elizabeth. The Perfect Genealogy Partnership. pp. 35.
Luckhardt, Alice L. A Tragic Tale of Lost Love. pp. 36-39.
Richard, Diane L. Black Studies Center. pp. 40-41.
_____. Chronicling America. pp. 43-46.
Alzo, Lisa A. What's in that GenealogyBank? pp. 47-49.
Huber, Leslie Albrecht. Big Changes at pp. 51-53.
LaPointe, Elizabeth. Nova Scotia Vital Statistics Database Now Online. pp. 54.

Published by Internet Genealogy

Colorado Heritage
Spring 2007

The People Come. pp. 4-6.
The Paleoindians. pp. 6-11.
The Apishapa. pp. 12-15.
The Ancient Puebloans. pp. 16-19.
Ancient Voices. pp. 19-24.
New Voices. 25.
Tribal Paths: Colorado's American Indians 1500 to Today. pp. 26-28.
Hides for Horses. pp. 29-31.
Invasion. pp. 32-37.
Amache Prowers. pp. 35.
Reservation Life. pp. 37-40.
New Footprints. pp. 40-45.
Published by
Colorado Historical Society
Summer 2007
Boomhower, Ray E. Novels, Movies, and Murder. pp. 3.
Aamidor, Abe. Who was Chuck Taylor? pp. 4-15.
McGarrah, Jim. In Country from a Temporary Sort of Peace. pp. 16-25.
Moore, Wilma L. The Indianapolis Photography of O. James Fox. pp. 26-39.
Hippenhammer, Craight. The House of a Thousand Candles: The Lake Maxinkuckee Link. pp. 40-47.
Ayer, Tammy S. The Lake: Theodore Dreiser's Journey to An American Tragedy. pp. 48-55.
Sutton, Susan L.S. Images of Indiana (Catterson, George). pp. 56.
Published by
Indiana Historical Society
Georgia History Today
Summer 2007 (vol. 1 no. 2)
Groce, W. Todd. Perspectives: The Irrelevance of Location. inside front cover.
Battin, Jim. Taking Georgia's History Beyond Georgia. pp. 2-3.
Rix, Leanda, and Nora Lewis. Inside GHS Using Technology to Explore the Past. pp. 4-5.
Weber, Robert K. Georgia Gems. pp. 6-7.
Battin, Jim. Profiles: Donald Kole Growing What He Believes in. pp. 8-9.
Wildman, Rhonda. The State History: Georgia Women of Achievement. pp. 10.
Giving. pp. 11.
Milestones. pp. 12.
Deaton, Stan. Footnotes. pp. 13.
Published by
Georgia Historical Society
New York Researcher
Summer 2007 (vol 18, no. 3)

Purpose and Process: Securing A Bright Future For the G&B. pp. 41-42.
Smith, Edward H.L., III., Library News. pp. 43.
O'Neill, Terri Bradshaw. New York City Deeds at the Municipal Archives. pp. 44.
Maehrlein, Lauren. Treasures of the NYG&B: The Card Genealogy. pp. 45-46.
Bowne House News. pp. 46.
Seth J. Everything You've Wanted to Know About Podcasts (But were Afraid to Ask). pp. 47-48

Book Reviews - pp. 50.
Moorhouse, B-Ann, and Silinonte, Joseph.
Kings County, Administration Proceedings. NY: New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, 2006.
Sypher, Francis J., Jr.
Minutes of Coroners Proceedings, City and County of New York, John Burnet, Coroner, 1748-1758. NY: New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, 2004.
Haberstroh, Richard.
The German Churches of Metropolitan New York: A Research Guide. NY: New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, 2000.
Haberstroh, Diane Fitzpatrick, and Laura Murphy DeGrazia.
Voices of the Irish Immigrant: Information Wanted Ad in The Truth Teller, New York City 1825-1844. NY: New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, 2005.
Biebel, Frank A.
Index to Marriage and Death Notices in the New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung 1836-1870. NY: New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, 2000.
Daly, Lou. New York, New York, It's a Hell of a Town. pp. 52-53.

Genealogical Exchange. pp. 54-55.
Published by
The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society