Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New Journal Content: NM, NY, OK, NE

New Mexico Genealogist
September 2007 (vol. 46, no. 3)
Archuleta, Ruben E. Morada Membership Lists Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. pp. 111-118.
Ochoa, Marina. Archdiocese of Santa Fe credit and citation of records in publications. pp. 119-120.
Daniel, Karen Stein. New Mexico gold star mothers and widows of American World War I soldiers, sailors and marines entitled to make a pilgrimage to European War Cemeteries part III. pp. 121-129.
Shaw, Russell F. 1860 Federal Census: Territory of New Mexico Federal vs Territorial Copy. pp. 130-133.
Giovanetti, Toni Gomez. Entierros de la Parroquia de Springer, New Mexico. pp. 134-139.
Silva, Antoinette Duran, and Anderson, Nancy. Cayetano Torres, Son of Diego Torres and Maria Martin. pp. 140-150.
Queries. pp. 158-159.
Book Review - pp. 151
de Chaparro, Martina Will. Death and Dying in New Mexico. Albuquerque: UNM Press, 2007.
New Mexico Ancestors. pp. 155-157.
Published by
New Mexico Genealogical Society

Nebraska Ancestree
Summer (vol. 30, no. 1)
McDonald, David. Nebraska's Episcopal Churches, Clergy and Lay Leaders in 1899. pp. 5-8.
Harrison, Lyn. Biography of Joseph Jelinek, Jr. Source: County Connections, Saline County, NE. A Pastfinder Library Publication, vol. 6 no. 2, April 2007. pp. 9-12.
Mullen Methodist Church baptism records 1890-1896. pp. 13-17.
Slave records going on line source: Kearney Hub, April 28-29, 2007. London (AP). pp. 17.
2006 Necrology: From the Sidney Sun-Telegraph via Cheyene County Genealogical Society Newsletter Spring 2007. pp. 18-20.
First Wisconsin Colony come to Nebraska source: Madison County remembers. Publication of the Madison County Genealogical Society, vol. 28, no. 127. pp. 21-22.
Harrison, Lyn. Doane College Graduates 1877-1916. source: Saline County Connections, vol 1, no. 1, January 2000. pp. 23-25.
Vital records from NE state journal, 1896. source : NSGS files. pp. 32-39.

Published by Nebraska State Genealogical Society

New York History
Spring 2007 (vol 88, no. 2)
Marshall, Nicholas. The Rural Newspaper and the circulation of information and culture in New York and the Antebellum North. pp. 133-151.
Ramsey, Paul J. Wrestling with modernity: Philanthropy and the children's aid society in progressive-era New York City. pp. 153-174.
Storm, Geoffrey. FDR and WGY: The origins of the fireside chats. pp. 177-197.
Hughes, James. Those who passed through unusual visits to unlikely places. pp. 199-205.
Review Essay - pp. 207-213
Ratner, Lorman. James Kirke Paulding: The Last Republican. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1993.
Aderman, Ralph M.
Advocate for America: The life of James Kirke Paulding. Selinsgrove, PA.: Susquehanna University Press; London Associated University Presses, 2003.
Book Reviews - pp. 214-223
Goodfriend, Joyce. Revisiting New Netherland: Perspectives on Early Dutch America. Boston, MA.: Brill, 2005.
Middleton, Simon. From Privileges to Rights: Work and Politics in Colonial New York City. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006.
Havemeyer, Harry W.
Fire Island's Surf Hotel and Other Hostelries on Fire Island's Beaches in the Nineteenth Century. Mattituck, N.Y.: Amereon House, 2006.
Published by The New York State Historical Association

The Chronicles of Oklahoma
Summer 2007, (vol 85 no. 2)
Mullins, Bill. An exercise in pride celebrating the Oklahoma semi-centennial. pp. 132-157.
Lough, D. Keith. "Hoorah for Integration!" The adoption of the 1955 better schools amendment. pp. 158-175.
McCoy, Matthew G. Dark spot on the Sunbelt Economic stagnation and political corruption in 1950s Oklahoma. pp. 176-197.
Kurth, Galen. Little Buzz Buggies Midget Auto Racing in Oklahoma City, 1946-1964. pp.198-220.
Notes and Documents. pp. 221-234.
Book Reviews - pp. 235-251
Berry, Trey, Beasley, Pam, and Clements, Jeanne. The Forgotten Expedition, 1804-1805: The Louisiana Purchase Journals of Dunbar and Hunter. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2006.
Aryain, Ed. From Syria To Seminole: Memoir of a High Plains Merchant. Lubbock: Texas Tech University Press, 2006.
Hardorff, Richard G. Washita Memories: Eyewitness views of Custer's Attack on Black Kettle's Village. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2006.
Pierre, George. Taking Charge: Native American Self-Determination and Federal Indian Policy, 1975-1993. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2006.
Robertson, David. Hard as the Rock Itself: Place and Identity in the American Mining Town. Boulder: University Press of Colorado, 2006.
Gragert, Steven K. and Johansson, M. Jane. The Papers of Will Rogers, Volume Five: The Final Years, August 1928- August 1935. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2006.
Fitzgerald, David G. Chickasaw: Unconquered and Unconquerable. Ada, Okla.: Chickasaw Press, 2006.
Evans, Will. Along Navajo Trails: Recollections of a Trader, 1898-1948. Logan: Utah State University Press, 2005.
Ward, Harry M. George Washington's Enforcers: Policing the Continental Army. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2006.
Weddle, Robert S. After the Massacre: The Violent Legacy of the Sansaba Mission. Lubbock: Texas Tech University Press, 2007.