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New Journal Articles: Missouri, West Virginia, Oklahoma

Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal
2007 (vol. 27, no. 3)
Eagleson, Pam Stone. Bringing Our 19th Century Immigrants to Life. Genealogical Treasures in Government Documents: The Story of Lena and Fred Henze. pp. 131-138.
Neill, Michael John. Genealogy Misconceptions. pp. 139-140.
Doerr, Robert M. Obituaries - Carter, Edmonston, 1899. pp. 140.
Weant, Kenneth E. The Hilderbrand Hunt: The Governor Refuses to Proclaim Martial Law. An Arkansas Traveler's Tale of Hilderbrand. pp. 141.
Doerr, Robert M. St. Francis Borgia Catholic Church Washington, Franklin County, Missouri Births & Baptisms, 1895. pp. 142-144.
_____. Ink's Battalion. pp. 144-145.
____. Freight Train Collision [Harry Carter Dead]: Smash-Up at Ely, in which Engineer Carter was Killed. pp. 145.
_____. Births and Baptisms, Nativity B.V.M. Catholic Church, Bois Brulé/Belgique, Perry County, Missouri, 1897-1911 (3/3). pp. 146-149.
_____. New Providence Baptist Church, Hough Station, Mississippi County, MO. pp. 150-152.
_____. Dry Fork Church of Primitive Baptists, Lake Spring, MO. pp. 153-155.
_____. Births and Baptisms, Lippstadt Evangelical Church, Warren County, 1849-1863 (3/4). pp. 156-159.
_____. Automatic Translation. pp. 159.
_____. Missouri State News From The Craig Leader (3/4). pp. 160-163.
Wilson, Wendell E. Allied Families in Smith Jackson's Ancestry and Marriage (3/4). pp. 164-168.
Doerr, Robert M. Two Fishermen [Miller and Brooks] Drowned. pp. 168.
_____. Democratic Standard, Fredericktown, MO., Jun 1882-08 Aug 1885 (3/4). pp. 169-172.
_____. Deaths - Sep 1861. pp. 172.
Neill, Michael John. Rushing Around to Figure Sarah Out. pp. 173-174.
Doerr, Robert M. Chapman School, Benton County, Mo., 1890-1896. pp. 175-177.
Weant, Kenneth E. An Interesting Account (G.A.R., Hermitage, MO.). pp. 177.
Doerr, Robert M. The Union Responds (3/3). pp. 178-180.
_____. Two Men [Moroney and Donegan] Murdered, 1864. pp. 180.
_____. Some Missouri Deaths, 1897, The Kansas City Journal (3/4). pp. 181-185.
_____. Brookfield Gazette, Brookfield, Linn County, MO., 1867-70 (3/4). pp. 186-189.
Peck, J.M. The Boone's Lick Settlement. pp. 190-191.
Queries - pp. 192.
Published by Missouri State Genealogical Association

West Virginia Libraries
September 2007 (vol. 60, no. 5)
ALA Librarian of the Year to Deliver Keynote. pp. 1.
Kanawha County Library Funds re-enstated!. pp. 2.
Kanawha County Public Library names new director. pp. 3.
State Library Association Meets in Morgantown. pp. 4.
The Miner's Daughter Author to be Banquet Speaker. pp. 4
Legislative Goals. pp. 14.
Literacy is the remedy for health confusion: is the theme for the 2007 West Virginia Literacy month celebrated in September. pp. 15.
West Virginia Book Festival Scheduled for October 13 and 14. pp. 16.
Ferrell-Bargeloh, Kathryn. Book Collaboration Complete. pp. 17.
Featured authors for WV book faire. pp. 18.
Children's authors and illustrators. pp. 19.
Published by West Virginia Library Association


Mistletoe Leaves (Oklahoma Historical Society)

October 2007 (vol. 38, no. 10)
OHS members invited to enjoy brunch before Centennial Parade. pp. 1.
OHS announces Statehood Day children's art contest. pp. 1.
Centennial Commission invites Oklahomans to attend the largest parade in state's history. pp. 1.
Zwink, Tim. Development News. pp. 2.
Around Oklahoma. pp. 3.
O'Dell, Larry. Hidden Collections. pp. 4.
Lecture series set for Cherokee Strip Museum's annex in Enid's Oakwood Mall. pp. 4.
SeptemberFest 2007 draws record attendance. pp. 5.
Phillips Home web site receives award from museums organization. pp. 5.
Help the SHPO recognize Oklahoma's preservation successes. pp. 5.
Register now for SHPO's December workshops. pp. 6
Halloween adventure tour of Oklahoma at OHS sites. pp. 6.
AGAIN! By popular demand, another Victorian Style Show November 3. pp. 6.
OHS Faces: Glen Roberson, Coordinator of Certification of Local Government Programs for SHPO. pp. 7.
Haynes, Russ. Gift Shop News. pp. 7.
Have brunch on October 13 and help restore the Seay Mansion. pp. 7.
Pawnee Bill Ranch hosts October quilt show and workshops. pp. 8.

Published by Oklahoma Historical Society
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