Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Books of the Day - Italian Emigration

Books of the Day

Since Columbus Day is celebrated twice this week - on Monday the 8th and on the traditional day Friday the 12th I am posting a few titles of interest.

The first is Robert Franz Foerster's The Italian Emigration of Our Times published by Harvard. This thorough book should be read by all genealogists interested in Italian family history. It describes the emigration from Italy not only to the US but to Switzerland, Argentina etc., and in turn the second migrations to other countries and those returning to Italy. Foerster discusses the migration from Italy from the earliest times but his focus is the pace of migration from each of the regions of Italy from 1876 to 1909. He gives charts and tables throughout the text. Note the useful table on page 529 showing the numbers of migrants from 1876-1886, 1887-1900, 1901-1909.

Foerster, Robert Franz. The Italian Emigration of Our Times. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1919. 556p.
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The second is a scarce item about Italian migration to Argentina and the impact the Italians had on the agricultural economy and practices there.

Conti, Marcello. L'Argentina come paese di immigrazione e di colonizzazione agricola. Florence, Italy: G. Ramella, 1908. 19p.
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The last title is a very scarce and unusual manual for Italian immigrants. Written in Italian and published in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it briefed them on the law and on what they could expect in Brazil. Sao Paulo encouraged migrants to build their economy.

Rotellini, Vitaliano. La legge di immigrazione e colonizzazione per lo stato di San Paolo. Messaggio, legge, commenti; una lettera al "messagero" di Roma. Sao Paulo, Brazil: Fanfulla, 1901. 30p.
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