Saturday, October 6, 2007

Books of the Day - 1856 Genealogy "How to" book; Joel Munsell Biography

Books of the Day

Here are two special books

The first is a lengthy "how-to" book for genealogists written in 1856.

In so many ways it could have been written today. In particular see the section beginning on page 309 about genealogy in America which begins discussing " the increasing interest displayed by our brethren across the Atlantic in whatever relates to family history and their connection with the old country, and the praiseworthy zeal displayed by them for the preservation of the already decaying early records of their remarkable country..."

Sims, Richard. A manual for the genealogist, topographer, antiquary, and legal professor, consisting of descriptions of public records; parochial and other registers; wills; county and family histories; heraldic collections in public libraries. London, England: J.R. Smith, 1856. 526p.
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Since this is a weekend - here is a short book that every one of us should read.

It is a good thing to remember the pioneering giants who accomplished so much in publishing genealogy, history and antiquarian works. Think of the many, many books that you have used that were published by "Joel Munsell".

Now, sit down down and read this brief biographical sketch published at his death in 1880.

Howell, George Rogers and Frank Munsell. Biographical sketch of Joel Munsell. Boston, MA: NEHGS, 1880. 16p.
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