Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ohio Genealogy News

Ohio Genealogy News
Fall 2007, (vol. 38, no. 3)

Cyprych, Deb. Ohio agricultural census schedules. pp. 82-84.
Discovery of the lost 1860 Union County agricultural census. pp. 85.
VerStraten, Flora L. Ohio century farms. pp. 86-87.
Agriculture and farming in Ohio. pp. 88-89.
Mayers, Gwen. Finding your elusive Ohio farmer. pp. 90.
Thode, Ernest. Ohio company papers go online. 91.
Lee, Susan, Brent Morgan and Dan Reigle. What's the difference between OCWGJ (Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal) and SCWFO (Society of Civl War Families of Ohio)? pp. 92-93.
Gutherie, Lolita Thayer. Cemetery chronicles. pp. 94-95.
Morehouse, E. Paul. 2007 OGS Special Awards. pp. 96.
Martin, Dorothea. 2007 OGS Fellow Award (Thomas Stephen Neel). pp. 97.
Peters, Sunda Anderson. Researching Ohio: Enon Community Historical Society. pp. 97.
Chapter News: Allen County, Cuyahoga County, Geauga County. pp. 99-100.
Pickaway County Historical & Genealogical Society. pp. 100.
Schmidt, Mark E. New in the OGS Library. pp. 101-107.

Published by the Ohio Genealogical Society