Thursday, September 27, 2007

ME Maine Genealogist

The Maine Genealogist
August 2007, (vol. 29, no. 3)
Jackson, Muriel K. Gershom Rogers of Falmouth and Windham, Maine. pp. 99-111.
Heger, Kenneth W. A capital education for the deaf, Mainers in the Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, 1868-1928. pp. 112-118.
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Eaton, Priscilla. The family of Joseph (4) Hobbs of Berwick and Wells, Maine. pp. 120-132.
Sanders, Leslie D. Bible and family records. Turner family Bible record. pp. 133.
Marriage records of Sumner, Maine, 1799-1853. (Continued from vol. 29, p. 96). pp. 134-143.

Reviews - pp. 144.
Gravel, Diane Florence. New Hampshire families in 1790. Vol. I. Concord, NH: New Hampshire Society of Genealogists, 2007. 395p.