Wednesday, September 26, 2007

KS The Treesearcher

The Treesearcher
vol. 49, no. 3 - 2007
The census day. pp. 68-69.
Fogerty, Billie Stone. Picking cherries without hitting the pits: wise use of others' research. pp. 70-72.
Jones, Larry. Until death do us part. (Obituary of Lon Rigsby, 22 Mar 1928). pp. 73.
Miller, Charly. Kansas 100 years ago. pp. 74.
Public land survey (PLSS). pp. 75-77.
Grand Army of the Republic. pp. 78-79.
Mendenhall, S.A. A Mendenhall sojourn in Kansas. pp. 81-84.
Kansas Genealogical Society acquisitions. pp. 85-87.
Pretchel-Kluskens, Claire. Clues in census records, 1850-1930. pp. 88-89.

Books in Brief - pp. 91-92.
Dobson, David. Scottish highlanders on the eve of the Great Migration, 1725-1775. The People of highland Perthshire. Baltimore, MD: Clearfield, 2006.
Wagner, Elene. Our Chamberlain cousins, includes descendants of Elijah Chamberlain and Hannah Morrill and some other related Chamberlain families, who lived in Allegany County, New York. WaKeeney, KS: Author, 1987.