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The Maine Genealogist. February 2007 (vol. 29, no. 1)
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Owen, Brent M. The parentage of Nathaniel (5) Phinney of Sandwich, Massachusetts, and Machias, Maine. pp. 3-18
Sanders, Barbara Brett. John (1) Sanders of Ipswich, Massachusetts; Hampton and Exeter, New Hampshire; and Cap Porpose, Maine: Part I. pp. 19-23
Sanders, Leslie D. Bible & Family Records: Coombs Family Bible Record. pp. 24-25.
Payne, Ed. Llewellyn Maddocks, a postscript. pp. 26-35
Marriage Records of Sumner, Maine (1799-1853). pp. 36-46 (to be continued)

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American Advocate. Variant titles: American Advocate and Kennebec Advertiser; 8/23/1809-12/30/1820. Historical Newspapers
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Eastern Argus. 9/08/1803-12/28/1871. Historical Newspapers
Eastern Herald. Variant titles: Russell & George's Eastern Herald & Maine Gazette; The Eastern Herald & Maine Gazette; The Eastern Herald and Gazette of Maine; The Eastern Herald and Maine Gazette; 1/02/1792-12/31/1804. Historical Newspapers
Falmouth Gazette. Variant titles: The Falmouth Gazette and Weekly Advertiser; 1/01/1785-3/30/1786. Historical Newspapers
Freeman's Friend. 8/21/1805-8/15/1807. Historical Newspapers
Freemans's Friend. 9/19/1807-6/09/1810. Historical Newspapers
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